Life is unpredictable.

It's a treadmill circuit of eat, sleep, work and play; a balancing act between the unexpected and the planned.  And, like anyone on a mission for self-improvement, More Than Food serves up delicious bowls of content to hard-charging individuals; the maximizers who are constantly seeking to make the most of every day. Those in search of optimal performance who are always striving to look, feel, and perform their best, both mentally and physically. 

"I think too often we get caught up in creating an idea of what being healthy looks like, that we look too far outward.  Being healthy should be guided by reminders inside us -- sleep when we're tired, eat when we're hungry, and laugh when you need a boost -- but really listen to your body, it knows you the best." - T. Hoff

More |mȯr|

ADJ. Greater in amount, number or size: Extra or additional.

ORIGIN Before 900; Middle English; Old English: māra