Meet Sarah Waybright, MS, RD

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This is Sarah Waybright. She's V+B's registered dietitian, so she reviews your meal plan to be sure it's balanced in terms of both macro- and micronutrients. Sarah is also the woman behind Why Food Works, but she doesn't stop there. She works for Potomac Vegetable Farms, too!

We'll let Sarah take it from here.

Where are you from?
Gettysburg, PA

What do you do?
I'm a registered dietitian - part time health coach, part time farm worker, and a lot of things in between!

How did you get into healthy eating? 
I grew up in the country, on a dairy farm, and my mom maintained a huge garden - we had fresh food all summer, and froze some for the winter, too. I didn't think that was so special at the time, but now I realize how few people have that kind of access to produce! Nutrition is the intersection of science and food, so my interest in the healthcare field initially brought me here, but now it's come full circle. I want to share my passion for delicious food that provides a foundation for health by having a farm that offers classes, retreats, and other types of experiential, hands-on learning.

Do you have a favorite tip or word to live by when it comes to a well balanced, healthy lifestyle? 
Variety! I practice it in both what I eat and what I do - I've designed my life so that no two days are the same, and I have multiple jobs instead of just one. I think everyone needs a little diversity, and a good creative outlet! Mine is pottery - which is also perfect, since now I have many beautiful dishes to serve food on.

Favorite V+B Meal?
The brown rice veggie bowl with pork shoulder - anything you can add some pickled onion to is fine by me!

Favorite podcast or book you’re reading right now? 
I listen to a podcast called Farmer to Farmer - they interview a different farmer weekly, and most of them are very open about how their business works and what lessons they learned along the way!

How do you like to move and stay active? 
A combination of yoga + classes at the local Y - particularly, I love TurboKick, a high intensity cardio kickboxing class!

Tell us one thing you find unique about yourself. 
My side-side hobby is decorating and furniture upcycling - when I have a farm house to fill, watch out, second hand stores!

We know you're wondering, and the answer is yes, you can meet with Sarah to talk about your nutrition goals! Just send us an email at, and we'll get the ball rolling for you.

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Sarah is a V+B Affiliate, meaning she tried us, loved us, and now represents our brand (outside her role as the V+B dietitian) without compensation.

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